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Four fundraising websites that every nonprofit needs to know about

Fundraising is just a fact of nonprofit work. And while there are dozens of tried and true methods for going about doing it, a few interesting websites have popped up in the past few years that nonprofits need to make sure they notice. In no … [Read more]

Nonprofit Software Shoutout: Data Hero

A few weeks ago I received an invite to try out a beta version of Data Hero.  I was ecstatic.  Data Hero was announced about a year ago.  When I heard about it,  I literally spent a week thinking about the project. Data Hero wants to make everyone a … [Read more]

Shut up about your damn board: Lessons in building nonprofit websites

We get it.  Nonprofit board members are important.  They can raise money, give you advice, set salaries, help build partnerships... but honestly, we could cite 50 nonprofit websites right now that do a better job telling us who their board members … [Read more]

Why nonprofits ought to be using WordPress for their websites

If you’re one of the many nonprofits that’s already using WordPress, congratulations, you made a good move.  If your nonprofit isn’t using WordPress yet, it probably should be.  Here’s why. It’s popular, easy to use, and you can make it look … [Read more]